An Explosive Taste Experience

Geopark Ries

The Geopark Ries invites gourmets and connoisseurs on a culinary expedition through the Ries Crater.

The designation "Geopark Ries Culinary" identifies restaurateurs and growers who work together to revive and preserve the original cuisine of the Ries, formerly the "breadbasket of Bavaria." 

Every gastronomic partner and producer signs a "Geopark Ries Culinary" ethical code that stipulates their commitment to a natural cuisine, using local products, with a clear "no" to the use of processed products or genetically engineered or flavor-enhanced ingredients.  By managing and marketing the project, the National Geopark Ries office brings the restaurant proprietors and produce farmers to a high level of cooperation and quality. 

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Geopark Ries e. V.
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