Highlights in the Tourist Region Donau-Ries

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Stately castles, magnificent monasteries, fascinating museums, special geological features and spectacular natural areas—all of these can be seen and experienced in the Ferienland Donau-Ries!

The saying "Wood eye, be vigilant!" reminds visitors touring the medieval Harburg fortress of its original defensive purpose.  The baroque Residenzschloss (residence castle) in Oettingen portrays a somewhat later period, with some rooms retaining the original décor.  While traditionally a bell ringer provides service in the church tower "Daniel" in Nördlingen, in Donauwörth Swabia’s largest church tower bell "Pummerin" rings from the tower of the Liebfrauenmünster (Catholic church) on holy days.  Many pilgrims seek well-being by visiting the Wallfahrtsbasilika  "Maria  Brünnlein" (pilgrimage church) in Wemding every year, others make pilgrimages to the Ries to explore the geological features of the Geopark Ries in the RiesKraterMuseum or in an Erlebnisgeotop (Adventure Geotope). The Ipf offers a phenomenal view of Bopfingen and its surroundings as well as time travel to the period of the Celts (auf den Spuren der Keltenfürsten). To become familiar with the past and present people and countryside of the Ries, visit the Museum KulturLandRies in Maihingen.  Doll lovers’ hearts are touched by a visit to the Käthe-Kruse-Puppen-Museum in Donauwörth, while technic enthusiasts enjoy the Bayerisch Eisenbahnmuseum (Bavarian Railway Museum) in Nördlingen.

We don’t want you to miss a main attraction in the Ferienland Donau-Ries, so we have compiled the following for you.

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