Legendary Towns


Abounding with history, shaped by the pride and wealth of their citizens, teeming with churches and castles, towers, city walls and well-kept private town-houses - in the Donau-Ries Tourist Region there are nine legendary towns to discover and explore.

Encircled by a completely preserved town wall and employing a traditional watchman in the churchtower "Daniel," Nördlingen is unique.  Bopfingen, Harburg and Höchstadt, as well as  Monheim, Rain and Wemding, each bear evidence of their individual history.  Once the residence town of Oettingen was divided based on religious denomination; today the half-timbered houses on the one side and baroque facades on the other side still reflect past eras.  Its location at the confluence of the Danube and Wörnitz and also the wide avenue in the heart of Donauwörth testify to the prosperity and significance of the former free imperial town.

The charming towns of the Donau-Ries Tourist Region invite to casual strolls and lingering along with attractive shopping possibilities as well as refreshment and rest points.

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