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It's all about real moon rock, steaming locomotives, legendary documentation of land and people as well as valuable collections of dolls or art

Since 25 years the Ries Crater Museum informs in a thrilling manner about the natural event that created the Ries and visitors are impressed by a real piece of moon rock exhibited. The lateley renovated Rieser Bauernmuseum (Farm Museum) in Maihingen looks into the special rural charm of the region and gives interesting historical details in a modern and interactive fashion. Doll mothers of all ages are delighted with the world's most important, publicly accessible doll collection in the Käthe-Kruse-Puppen-Museum (Doll Museum) in Donauwörth. And last but not least art lovers enjoy the art collections of the KunstMuseum Donau-Ries (Art Museum) in Wemding.

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