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The natural features of the Donau-Ries Tourist Region are our most valuable assets: Imposing ranges of hills border the wide Ries plain, the south is defined by river basins and mixed forests. Diversity blooms in the numerous parks and gardens.

In the Geopark Ries, adventurous visitors can get a  close-up look at the "Ries event"- the meteorite impact that created this landscape over 14 million years ago. 

While agriculture dominates the fertile Ries plain, heathlands on the hills are maintained by sheep grazing. The stream landscape of the Wörnitz, the Danube-Lech floodplais as well as the low-level moor areas in the southern Donau-Ries Tourist Region provide habitat for an overwhelming diversity of species.  

The Dehner BlumenPark offers delightful garden landscapes created by skilled human hands. 

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