Historical market

Historischer Umzug - Historischer Markt Oettingen

Dive into the vivid market life with historic craftsmen, jugglers and lansquenets and watch an exciting knights tournament at the historical market in Oettingen.
“Seyd gegrüßt ob nah, ob fern” (Be welcome from near and far) announces the herald from May, 27th to May, 29th 2022 in the charming residential town Oettingen.

On Friday the big historic festival starts off with a “Jester´s night” in the exceptional backdrop of Oettingen´s historic part. Acrobats and jongleurs, jugglers and jesters, fire-eater and minstrels cast a spell over spectators. The knights also meet for a night tournament in the princely court garden.

On Saturday and Sunday the residential city with its inhabitants and guests will be carried back to a bygone time when the countless craftsmen arrive in order to show their elaborate skills. Visitors can expect a vivid market life with historic craftsmen, jugglers, minstrels, musicians, lansquenets and many encampments throughout town. Knights and noblemen gather for a big tournament in the court garden!

Date: May 27th, 2022 - May 29th, 2022
Phone: 09082 709-52
Notice Suitable for children up to 12 years of age, too

Admission free

10.00 Euro to 15.00 Euro
Reduced: 8.00 Euro to 12.00 Euro
Advance Sale or Box Office Tickets; kids up to 130 cm free, weekend tickets available


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